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May 29, 2005

By: David Parker
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Calming Paint Colors – Bring Serenity Home

Different colors evoke different emotions. For example, to most people, yellow brings a sense of joy, while red creates excitement. But what if your goal is a tranquil effect, a sense of peace and calm? Simply select a calming paint color to easily bring serenity into your home.

What defines a calming color? Pastel or muted colors are more likely to bring about calm feelings than are deeper, more vivid colors. Therefore, painting almost any color can have a calming effect if used in a paler hue. Some colors, though, are known to create a sense of calm, particularly blues and greens.

To design a tranquil (or calm) room, it’s a good idea to stick with simple color patterns and usually one color. Blue is a solid choice for that main paint color, and shades of white, ivory and other pale neutrals can be used to complement it. Muted greens, such as a sage color, or pale rosy tints are also good choices for the primary paint color. Once again, calm colors such as ivory and white make nice complementary painting choices.

After choosing a calming color, you must next decide exactly how to utilize it to design a calming, pleasant space. A good tip is to keep the walls and carpet the same shade of color, with the window treatments a similar color as well for an unbroken, relaxing feel. Instead of painting with white, choose a beige or a pale tint of your main color for the ceiling. The main color can be repeated in the furniture, with the calming effect emphasized by the use of light woodwork and plants.

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