Bathrooms Design Ideas

One of the most notable trends in home décor in recent years has been the incredible expansion in the size of the average residential bathroom. In the past, bathrooms were often tiny spaces with barely enough room to take care of your daily hygiene routine without banging into the wall. Today’s bathrooms are expansive, with a design that reflects a renewed emphasis on allowing those who enter it a much-needed respite from the whirlwind of twenty-first-century life. Don’t have the budget for renovations? No problem — you can introduce a soothing note of serenity with just a few simple changes. Look over these ideas to help you find bathroom bliss.


  • Spa Style: Don’t feel like you can’t create the feel of a spa bathroom without a huge remodeling budget. By creating a minimalist, relaxing space and adding a few key accents, you’ll be relaxing in no time. Choose a clean, muted color such as a light sage green for the walls. Select dark-toned wood for your cabinetry and storage furniture, with simple wood blinds as the window treatment. Ceramic or even vinyl tile in a muted earth tone complements this look. To maintain a sense of serenity, limit the amount of wall art and accent pieces. Plush white towels, linens, and bathrobes complete the look.
  • Art Deco: If you live in an older house, it may be best to try to capitalize on the unique charm of the existing space rather than starting anew with drastic renovation. The sleek, streamlined art deco look reflects the unique charm of the 1920s and works well in a smaller space. Key ingredients include a beveled pedestal sink, black and white ceramic or hex tile on the floors and, if possible, the walls, and lots of gleaming mirrored, nickel, and white surfaces. Use wall art and accents in bold black with a geometric, streamlined look. If you prefer a contrasting wall color, pink or salmon also works well with the deco style.

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