Guest Rooms Design Ideas

Guest RoomIn the past, the guest room often looked very much like the afterthought that it was: a hodgepodge of leftover furniture and odds and ends that hopefully allowed enough room for visitors to sleep. Today, the trend is focused on creating guest rooms that showcase hospitality and concern for your visitors’ comfort and convenience. At the same time, many guest rooms have to do double duty, serving as an office, craft room, or storage space after the visitors have gone. Think of it as your own mini-suite at a welcomingly cozy bed ‘n’ breakfast to do with what you will, but don’t forget to add practical considerations such as under-bed storage to your design plan. Here are some style suggestions for your guest room redesign.

  • Transitional: While other rooms allow you a chance to express yourself, this room should be designed with your guests in mind. A simple, soothing transitional look may be the best bet to let your guests relax in style. Choose café au lait-colored walls, warm, mid-toned furniture with clean lines, and a dark brown or off-white duvet cover or comforter. Wood blinds paired with a simple pair of tab top curtains will provide privacy and style. Choose dark iron light fixtures or accents if you want a more traditional look, or silver accents if you have a more modern style in mind. Simple framed artwork in a muted palette will unify the room.
  • Shabby Chic: This increasingly popular look brings the garden indoors with simple retro charm. Choose white painted or wicker furniture, light pastel green or blue on the walls, and vintage or vintage-look accents and art. The fun part is scouring thrift stores for unique accents; just make sure that most of your finds are in the same color family so that the combined impact isn’t overwhelming. Light fixtures with suspended crystal pendants make a dramatic statement, especially when contrasted with a lightweight, sheer window treatment. As a finishing touch, antique ceiling tins make great wall art.

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