Master Bedroom Makeover

master bedroomThey say that the boudoir should be a temple, an oasis of calm set apart from the commotion of the rest of the house. But all too often, the chaos of everyday life creeps into the master bedroom, leaving in its wake a jumbled, cluttered look that is neither pleasing to the eye nor relaxing. Does this sound familiar? Well, take heart, because, in just a few easy steps, you can reclaim this space and create your own unique zone of privacy and relaxation. Here are three styles that can instantly up your master bedroom’s calm quotient.

  • Contemporary: If you want a sleek, contemporary master bedroom, what you take away matters even more than what you keep in the room. Remove all extraneous clutter, invest in a few pieces of dark-toned furniture with clean, angular lines, and choose a muted, modern color like celery green for the walls and accent with blacks, grays, and silvers. Wall art should be simple but striking, with an emphasis on geometric planes and angles.
  • Southwestern: Bring the feel of the rustic West into your bedroom with a color palette of muted rusts and earth tones that reflect the vast landscape of the region. Use a sunny yellow or warm terra cotta for the walls, select a few pieces of furniture made from rough-hewn, medium-toned wood, and bring a few of the heavily textured Native American textiles for floor coverings or wall art. Copper accents and natural elements such as dried flower wreaths complete the look.
  • Asian: The simplicity of this look makes it a perfect match for a master bedroom. Choose a wall coloring of the palest jade green, add bamboo blinds as window treatments, select a clean-lined black or dark-wood bed, and use a few red silk pillows as an accent. For art and accessories, incorporate a few ethnic pieces from your local import store to add authenticity. A small tabletop fountain can serve as the finishing touch.

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