Dining Room Decor Ideas

Dining RoomWhether it’s a formal dinner party or a casual weekday morning breakfast, the dining room is usually thought of primarily as a venue for chowing down. But you don’t have to skimp on style just because the dining room usually hosts only eating-related activities. A versatile style is best for this space; plan on a look that can be easily dressed up for company with the addition of a few choice accessories and made more informal during the week by setting some of the extra knickknacks and accents in a drawer. Need some inspiration? See if any of these ideas spark your imagination!

Mediterranean: This subdued but comforting look is the perfect match for a dining room. Begin with a simple faux finish on the walls using gold tones, designed to emulate the look of fine plaster in a Tuscan villa. Supplement with rich floral fabrics and window treatments in mid-range corals and greens. If you have artistic talent, you can decorate the walls with simple floral or ivy patterns (stencils are a great option for this, too). Keep the lighting low and indirect to preserve the mood in the room. Dark iron accents complete the look.
Contemporary Asian: Because dining rooms require a few pieces of furniture, it is easy to achieve the streamlined look this style requires. Use a cream wall color to keep the backdrop simple. Select clean-lined pieces in a very dark wood tone. Bring in natural textiles as window treatments, such as bamboo blinds. A dark-colored Oriental rug is an obvious choice underfoot, and dark red accents will provide an interesting counterpoint. Asian-inspired accents will unify the look.
Paris Style: Bring the sophistication and charm of the French capital into your dining room with a few small touches. Select a mid-tone dinette set with rounded lines, and choose paint and textiles in several shades of coffee and caramel brown. Use semi-structured curtains in a heavy fabric in chestnut brown or rust. Gold accents, Impressionist artwork, and a few contrasting splashes of dark red will tie the look together.

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