Home Theaters Big Ideas

The home theater is a relatively new concept in home decorating. Today, many families prefer to keep a separate room for televisions, flat-panel monitors, DVDs, video game systems, and other entertainment media, thereby allowing the living room to remain a quiet space for relaxing activities. However, just because the home theater room is designed for a very specific purpose, that doesn’t mean that you have to stick with a simple, utilitarian design. Instead, think of it as your own personal canvas for adding to the entertainment value of the room. Here are a few ideas to inject even more fun into your home theater.

Home Theater

  • Wild West: Do you have a fan of Western movies in your household? Use your media room as a place to fully explore this style with a bit of tongue-in-cheek irreverence. Use a light tan on the walls to emulate the desert landscape, choose saddle-tone leather for your theater seating arrangement, and cover the walls with Western kitsch and collectibles. A simple coiled rope makes a great lasso display, and a pair of bull horns will serve as a great focal point over the main television.
  • Super-Sleek Contemporary: If you are a gadget lover whose home theater is chock full of the latest in high-tech media components, it may make the most sense for you to create a look that builds upon, rather than tries to hide, the plethora of silver boxes that probably dominate the room. Choose black seating, furniture with straight lines, a mid-tone gray for the walls, and lots of silver and/or glass accent pieces. For artwork, stick with simple, geometric shapes in a limited palette. Create interest with different textures, repetition, and unified displays of mono-toned collections of objects.
  • The Silver Screening Room: Another popular concept for the home theater is creating décor that is an homage to the cinema. The best type of seating for this room is the commercially available home theater recliners, but rows of any type of comfortable black or dark-toned chairs will also suffice. A rich burgundy or navy blue on the walls will help recall the grandeur and glamour of Old Hollywood. Use a heavy, long fabric in the same deep tone as a window treatment with gold rope accents. Art ideas include old movie posters and other movie paraphernalia, film spools and other projection equipment, star motifs, and wall letters or signs that emulate the look of a marquee.

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